Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sunflower Wreath

(No posts for weeks, and then three in one day! You can insert your own bus joke here)

Hanging above our bed we have this wreath that I made at Christmas. It's still there because I love how it looks, and it was my first craft success ever (seriously). I made it using this tutorial from Jill at Baby Rabies

Feminist Cupcakes: Sunflower Wreath

 When Andy's mum came over recently she said that she liked it, so I decided to make her one for her birthday. She also loves sunflowers, so I swapped the red felt for yellow, and added a piece of black glittery felt in the centre to make it look like a sunflower.

Feminist Cupcakes: Sunflower Wreath

It's a great wreath for spring because it's just so damn cheerful and bright. It would be great to have hanging on the front door for Easter. As long as it stops snowing and raining that is.

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